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You will have seen a number of our recent projects on our home page. If you are here, we guess you want to know a little more about our work; so please read on.

Note: Some of our information is contained within PDF's, you may need the appropriate reader available free here.

We are happy to answer questions regarding our past work and you are most welcome to contact our clients via their own web sites to see if we exceeded their expectations.

Jezza Magic - opens in a new windowJezza Magic - we hooked up with Jezza over a year ago as part of the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show promote your small business feature. Now to celebrate the shows 1st birthday, we have an all new Jezza Magic web site! We refreshed the existing site adding a much needed makeover, especially as we were dealing with Virgin Radio. The original site had a gallery of recent photos which we turned into a more generic slide show. Of course the site is fully optimised for search engines and is as compliant for the target market.

Hotlines - opens in a new windowHotlines Training - a ground up site refresh incorporating, as do all our sites, standards compliance and SEO. We also converted some heavy going pages into PDF for offline printing and reading. Much of the content is relevant and useful but it can be lengthy, we took a step away from the traditional lay it all down approach and adopted a user friendly presentation style for the content rich pages.

Dimantec - opens in a new windowDimantec - a full services IT company offering an array of experience gained over many years to the top companies in the UK and globally. The site focuses on the service offerings and at present, particular focus is on the DISTAR product; a fantastic breakthrough in medical photography aimed at cutting time and cost in the traditional hospital photography department. This a work in progress.

Vendia Group - opens in a new windowVendia Group - a first stage refresh using all existing materials and design. We were approached to bring the site up to standards and enable full search engine optimisation. This we did by effectively pulling all of the content out of a frames based layout and setting each page of content in it's own page, a bit of tweaking with existing images brought a bit of space and life to the site.

Speakeasier - opens in a new windowSpeakeasier - currently undergoing a major refurbishment, this site aims to provide information to health care professionals and suffers on various aspects of Multiple Sclerosis - in particular, Speakeasier is devoted to improvement of MS sufferers lives by the provision of knowledgeable care and devices for those most affected with speech problems caused by the disease.

Payroll Plus - opens in a new windowPayroll Plus - a simple design aimed at presenting a full understanding of the services offered by this Payroll management company. We also converted the site into PDF and provide an ongoing service to produce a downloadable PDF newsletter.

Drink Me Chai - opens in a new windowDrink Me Chai - we have been working with Drink Me Chai for a number of years providing a full service solution including the set-up and support of office IT systems and of course the brochure ware and shop web sites. The site is fully optimised as you'd expect and we also manage a Google PPC campaign. The shop went live late last year and within 4 hrs and already notched up a pleasing number of sales!

Simply Drinks - opens in a new windowSimply Drinks - we were asked to come up with a refreshing and graphic site for this modern, environmental and ethical vending company. We wanted some initial movement and pictured clouds moving through the sky - so we made it that way!

Divorce Help Services - opens in a new windowDivorce Help Services - how about getting divorced online! Well not quite but we put together this site in order to assists those who wish for an uncontested divorce to do so quickly, and with minimal cost.

Big Chief - opens in a new windowBig Chief - This is Big Chief - funky, soulful, dextrous, foot stomping, shoulder rolling jazz-blues. This is feel good Saturday night music that rocks, that cajoles, that inspires, that looks neither backwards or forwards but just lights up the night sky with a great big smile.

Liscoe Construction - opens in a new windowLiscoe Construction - bringing together eMail, computer systems and a web site for this established Hertfordshire construction company. This is an example of an early and very cost effective basic site.

Newsletter / eMail - opens in a new windowDrink Me Chai - an example of a bespoke newsletter, we were asked to create a mailing list of London based customers of Drink Me Chai and present a pleasing email invite to a focus group.

BSY ProvidersBSY Providers - offer recruitment services and bespoke business coaching. This site is small and to the point and has been developed to grow with the business.

ICMICM - the Institute of Complimentary Medicine came to us and asked if we could take on a half completed project that came with a number of technical and political challenges. Of course we are always up for a challenge and the results show that we can provide a full service delivery function as well as designing and developing from the ground up.


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